We are dedicated to finding ways to help you save money and build
equity in your home by reducing your energy use. We provide a full
spectrum of services to measure your home energy consumption and
plan cost-effective, energy-saving improvements including the design and installation of renewable heating, cooling, and energy systems. And we can help you navigate the maze of state and federal incentives to minimize the
cost of your energy saving improvements.



CHA (hydronic heat) Includes CO, gas leak and CAZ depressurization tests, blower door test, and thermal infrared scanning 
CHA (forced air) with duct leakage test    
Each additional 1,000 ft2  
$ 50
Room by Room Heat Load and Distribution Design using industry standard Wrightsoft software (hydronic or forced air)
Each additional 1,000 ft2 above 4,000 ft2                                
$  50
HERS Rating (Hydronic Heating system) includes thermal bypass inspection                    
HERS Rating (Forced Air system) includes duct testing           
Each additional 1,000 ft2    
$  50
  Energy Efficient Building Design Consultation