Federal and State Incentives

Federal Tax Incentive: 
30% of total cost, uncapped

Home Performance with Energy Star:
10% of total cost, capped at $3,000














Durable - Inground pipe should last for more than 50 years,
heat pumps warrantied up to 10 years.

Efficient -
Harvest 50% of your heat from the ground.

Proven Technology -
Uses common refrigeration cycle technology
to add comfort and savings to your life.

The average household in the Northeast uses 72 million Btus per year for heating, approximately 58% of total energy.  Geothermal can cut energy consumption by 36 million Btus. Geothermal can also reduce energy to heat water by up to 30% or, approximately, 7 million Btus. Geothermal systems
cost a lot to install but typically pay for themselves in 4 to 8 years.


-- Vertical or horizontal ground loops

-- Water-to-air or water-to-water heat pumps

-- Desuperheater or dedicated hot water options

-- Detailed Room by Room HVAC Design service

-- We strongly recommend performing a Comprehensive Home
Assessment as a prerequisite for designing a geothermal system. 
First, we are able to use the output from the CHA to determine the appropriate size of your system.  Second, we believe the customer is
best served by first reducing home energy consumption before
designing a renewable system to replace conventional equipment.

Because solar thermal systems make money over the long term, competent design and installation is very important.  The components we choose are high quality and carry manufacturer’s warranties that are among the best in the industry.  We pride ourselves on the integrity of our work and stand behind it.   


Enertech Hydron Module


IGSPHA Certified Installer