-- Economical: Incentives increase the return on investment to around
18 years, assuming zero energy inflation.

-- Durable: Expected lifespans of 25-30 years for collectors

-- Scalable: Systems can be adapted  to any level of demand


The average household in the Northeast uses approximately 6800 kWh
per year.  This energy accounts for about 26% of total household energy consumption and costs about $1100 per year.  When life cycle costs are considered, PV systems make excellent economic sense.

Costs for PV systems typically start at $8.00 per watt of installed capacity
for a grid-connected system before incentives.  Federal and state incentives combined with NYSERDA rebates lower the cost by about half.  A typical
home in our area might be served by a 2-4 Kilowatt system.


-- Stand alone, grid-connected, and grid-connected with battery backup systems
-- Roof mount and pole mount options
-- Various inverter configurations including multistring and microinverters
-- PV powered solar thermal systems, well pumps, and other applications

We are currently working on our NABCEP certification.  In the meantime
we work with experienced and certified subcontractors to offer a wide range of solar PV installation services.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information. 
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For an estimate of PV cost and return on investment, see: