Federal and State Incentives

Federal Tax Incentive: 
30% of total cost, uncapped

State Tax Incentive:
25% of total cost, capped at $5,000

Home Performance with Energy Star:
10% of total cost, capped at $3,000







-- Reliable: Systems are simple and last upwards of 30-40 years

-- Efficient: 75%-80% of available energy is captured

-- Mature Technology: Installed in millions of homes around the world

-- Affordable: With State and Federal incentives, a system will usually
pay for itself in under ten years, and produce free energy for the
remainder of its life.

The average household in the Northeast uses 15-20 gallons of hot water per person per day; the cost for this depends on the type of fuel, but currently averages over $900 per year.

A properly designed and installed solar hot water system can take care of
60-70 percent of demand. Over its life time a solar hot water system will
protect you from energy price spikes and save tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, we estimate that investing in a solar thermal hot water system could save you 2.5 times the life cycle fuel costs for a conventional propane water heater.

A typical domestic hot water system (DHW) for a family of 4 will cost around $14,000 before incentives, and approximately half that cost after state and federal tax incentives. Costs vary depending on system options, size, and installation complexity.

Energy Independence: You Become the Utility. Theoretically solar thermal systems pay for themselves the day they start working.  You can simply
shift your utility payment for conventional fuel to a monthly payment for
the cost of solar.  You are already paying for solar hot water, even if you
don't have it.



-- Drainback and glycol indirect systems
-- Flat plate collectors and  evacuated tubes
-- Roof top (flush or tilt mount) and  ground mounted systems
-- Solar pool heating design and installation
-- DHW only and Combination Systems for space heat and hot water

Please contact us if you have additional questions.  If you want to move forward, we will perform a site visit and analysis, which includes optimizing collector location, analyzing solar insolation, and an interview with you.  Based on these parameters, we will design a system and submit a proposal which includes specific details on cost, design, and performance. 

Because solar thermal systems make money over the long term, competent design and installation is very important.  The components we choose are high quality and carry manufacturer’s warranties that are among the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our work and stand behind it.